Hayley’s FENG SHUI TIP: Clutter in the Kitchen

May 24, 2011
By: cometrealty
I am STILL working on clutter around my house. For some reason, just when I think I have it under control, it looks as if a bomb went off in my house. Does this happen to you too? 
My friend Sara Caputo, the completely organized owner of Radiant Organizing out of Santa Barbara. has a most excellent blog (http://www.radiantorganizing.com/blog/). Twice a week she posts something incredibly useful. She said that the reason we have clutter is that we have poor decision making skills. I agree completely! I do have poor decision making skills. I save things to deal with “later”. This results in putting things somewhere “for now”. Does this sound like you also? 
This month my poor decision making skills are going to be applied to my kitchen. Please join me! A clean, food-filled kitchen is the center of family life and a symbol of health and prosperity. Here are some key things you can do: 
Clean out your refrigerator and freezer. Toss anything ancient, mysterious, or “iffy,” and refill or replace anything that’s less than half-full (such as condiment bottles and jars). Defrost the freezer and get the inside of the fridge sparkling clean.
Clean off the outside of the refrigerator, too. If your fridge is covered with magnets, photos, take-out menus and grocery lists, clear them all off to create a clean slate. Put back only what is necessary (toss the expired coupons, already!)
De-clutter your pantry shelves, and use or toss anything that’s been in there for months. Wipe down the shelves and clean the cabinet doors.
Clean your oven and stovetop, and replace burner pan liners if they’re no longer shiny and new-looking. You can find these at various hardware or grocery stores. For the most part, they are universal – just remember if yours are square or round. Easy, right?! 
Replace worn and/or grubby oven mitts and dish towels with new ones. I just ordered some fabulous ones from Pampered Chef. 
Get out a broom and thoroughly sweep the kitchen, and then from the kitchen out the nearest door. This symbolically sweeps out the old energy and any lingering not-so-good luck, to make room for better luck to come in. Make sure your broom is hidden away in a closet out of sight. This will ensure that all the new luck (especially money luck!) that comes into your home stays in the home and is not swept back out.
Now you will feel better about being in the kitchen, and cooking for your family. 
Next month, who knows where our little clutter-busting adventure will take us. Does anybody have any particular rooms they would like to concentrate on? Email me at Hayley@CometRealty.com

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