Hayley’s FENG SHUI TIP: Assessment Quiz

March 29, 2011
By: cometrealty
Feng Shui is one-third common sense, one-third good design; the last third consists of ancient knowledge and traditions, enhancements and cures that may seem odd to us— but they work!?

Feng Shui Personal Assessment Quiz
Give serious thought to each of the following areas of your life. 
Rate your responses on a scale of 1 through 10:
  • 1 being a low score 
  • 5 being average
  • 10 being highest. 

There are no right or wrong answers and your score is for you alone. You will benefit the most from this quiz by being as honest with yourself as possible. 

CAREER, the JOURNEY  My life’s work is satisfying and rewarding. My chosen field is challenging and pleasurable. I look forward to going to work each day and feel lucky to be in the career I have chosen.
KNOWLEDGE, CONTEMPLATION  My desire to learn is ongoing and I am always ready to improve my skills. I continuously strive to further my knowledge and acquire new information.
FAMILY, ELDERS  The relationships within my family are wholesome, positive and beneficial to each family member. We have nurturing and supportive feelings toward each other.
HEALTH  I am blessed with a strong constitution, a positive outlook, and definite emotional balance. I am healthy in body, mind, and spirit.
WEALTH, ABUNDANCE  My life is filled with financial stability; I have enough assets to meet my material needs and have a deep sense of security. I feel “rich” and abundance surrounds me.
FAME, ILLUMINATION  I am appreciated and well-liked among my friends and community. My reputation is very solid and positive; I feel confident and secure among my co-workers.
MARRIAGE, RELATIONSHIPS  My romantic life is wonderful and fulfilling. My mate and I have excellent communication, intimacy, and share a solid sense of partnership. We are the envy of other couples
CHILDREN, CREATIVITY  I am quite pleased with my children’s development and the relationship we share. There is a deep mutual respect & open lines of communication between us. My creative energy is abundant and I feel fulfilled in all aspects of my artistic abilities.
HELPFUL PEOPLE, TRAVEL  I have a solid support group of friends and they come to my aid when I’m in need. I reciprocate this kindness and assistance fully. My travel plans are in full swing and I am delighted with all aspects of the “adventure” side of my life.
Feng Shui gives us another method of dealing with Life Issues. In any area where you rated yourself 5 or less, you might consider some strong Feng Shui enhancements or remedies. You can look and see which areas of your life could benefit from additional CHI energy. 
“NOW WHAT?”, you may be asking yourself. Tim & Hayley Townley both hold the designation of F.S.C.R.E. (Feng Shui Certified for Real Estate). They look forward to helping you make your life the best it can be. 
If you rated low in a certain area of your life, email us for positive recommendations that can be combated by placement of symbols and metaphors to create harmony and balance in your life. Feng Shui “solutions” do not need to be expensive or elaborate. We can assist you in being creative, and using what you have on hand. 
This is just another service that Comet Realty offers you – our friends and clients. We look forward to helping you make some happy changes in your life, whether it means buying or selling your home, or enhancing the one you already own! 
If you mention you saw this ad on our blog, Hayley will give you a one hour complimentary feng shui consultation (Central Coast California residents only, please!) 
Of course, we look forward to your business and are never too busy for your referrals. 

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