Hayley’s FENG SHUI TIP: Clearing Clutter

April 26, 2011
By: cometrealty


It is not about having what we want, but wanting what we have.

~ Dalai Lama

It’s everywhere! Paper stacks, old clothes that don’t fit or need mending, broken furniture or appliances, collectibles, inherited items, gifts we didn’t like then, and still don’t like now. 
It accumulates little by little until it becomes overwhelming. Clutter affects your energy levels and general well being. It can weigh you down both physically and emotionally. 
One of the most important aspects of clutter clearing is loving what you have and letting go of all the other stuff. 
Everything you have that you do not LOVE or NEED, is officially clutter.
This is always easier said than done. I was hanging on to a pair of raggedy wool socks that were my Mom’s. I’m pretty sure she is okay that I finally got rid of them. She is still with me, and not just when I look at those old socks! 
Once the weight of the clutter is lifted, it will be easier for you to sort through your possessions. You will be able to tell which possessions you really love, in contrast to the ones that clutter your space and mind. 
Our mental, bodily and emotional states are all affected by our home. If we live in a cluttered environment, we will manifest the same in our mind and body and you will feel stuck in your life. Energy levels, decision-making, and even health could be affected. 
Letting go of that clutter must occur before more treasures can come into your life. You can clear your old life patterns and start fresh. 
What better time to do it than right now. Take a few minutes to go through that stack of papers on your desk. Chances are, you will get to throw half of it away, and then you can ask yourself if you really need what is left? 
I don’t mean get rid of things you truly care about. I’m talking about magazines that maybe had one good article in it – it would be easier to remove the article and save it in a folder (labeled correctly!), then recycle the magazine by taking it to the gym, library or a doctor’s office. Catalogs – if you haven’t already ordered whatever was in it that you meant to order, chances are that you won’t. And can’t you find it on-line if you really need it later? 
Let’s face it. Are we REALLY going to fit into that “other size” of clothes? Don’t they just make you feel bad that you don’t fit into them now? Off to Goodwill they go. If you find yourself needing another size next week, or next month, or next year, make it a plan to treat yourself to new clothes at that time! 
Spend 5-15 minutes per day on clutter. Go through your desk drawer. Clear out the pantry (if the tupperware doesn’t have a lid, off to Goodwill!) If you have one room that simply has too much in it to do anything with it, make it a goal to gather all the [insert item here] into one pile. Tomorrow, do another pile consisting of [insert item here].  
I am the first to admit that I am a packrat and love “my stuff”. 
My goal is to be in harmony with my home, my life, my friends and family, and not see clutter everywhere I look. 
So, clear your clutter with me. A little bit at a time. 
If you have any questions, please send them to Hayley@CometRealty.com.

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