Is this the time to invest in Real Estate?

July 6, 2011
By: cometrealty

The secret to investing is to buy low and sell high!  There I’ve given you all the #1 tip in Real Estate investing!  The tricky part is finding out exactly when low is the lowest, and when high is the highest.  It is easy to see when the bottom is a couple of years after we have hit it–but that like all hind sight it does not help us right now.

What does help us is watching trends, and reviewing historical data.  Real Estate has been a cyclical market in the past, and most likely will be in the future.  The latest news from “the experts” is that we will be hitting the bottom sometime in 2011, with stable prices through 2015.  

The chart below gives you some idea of what “the experts” expect for the next 5 years.  


So according to this, it looks like it is time to break the piggy bank, and invest in some new property!  Give us a shout and lets find your property while it is sliding along the bottom!

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